Scotland Forever

Scotland forever! This crest inspired page features prickly thistles nestled amongst leaves and copious amounts of Celtic knots. Alba Gu Bra!

An Ocean of Dragons

A pair of serpents or Celtic dragons twist in the centre of this design, ringed with a heart knot border, Celtic maze patterns, and loads of Celtic knots. To me the dragons here remind me of old myths where the guardians of the world rest beneath the waves, ready to rise once again when the…

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Celtic Summer Fire

A colouring page filled with the perfect summer theme of a Celtic knot and spiral sun, with sparks of flame flaring from around it. At the sun’s core is a tetra spiral with key/fret shaped centres.

Celtic Seahawks

There are so many bird designs featuring the sky, but so many birds flock to the shores and ocean! This pair of Book of Kells inspired birds sit framed amongst crashing waves and twisting spirals. I’ve added sweeping tails to the birds and lots of details in their feathers, to offer lots of coloring inspiration….

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Thistle Cross

I love how this Celtic cross turned out! The sharp thorny edges remind me of Scottish thistles, as the knotted portions set off the spiral arms of the cross. I wrapped a matching thorny knot border around the design to finish it off. Lots of detail in this one, perfect for trying out lots of…

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Tulip Trellis Mandala

Budding fantasy tulips with Celtic knot trellis decorate this lovely mandala design. Behind the blooms sits a wheel of spiral roses, offering great detail and color contrast for the tulips on top, while ivy leaves frame the design with green.