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  • Here are just a few of the great Celtic books out there! The ones listed here are available online from Amazon Books, for pretty good rates too. Most orders are shipped within a couple of days, and the expected ship date is listed with each book title.

  • Although I try to keep up to date with the prices listed here, Amazon Books can change them within a moment, so double check the price when you place your order.

  • Braiding and Tying Knotwork


    The Complete Book of Decorative Knots
      • Geoffrey Budworth / Paperback / Published 1999
      • Usually ships within 2-3 days
      • Amazon Price: $13.27, Savings: $5.68 (30%)

      • This book was really well written and had super diagrams. I used this book and the Chinese Knotting book below to learn how to tie knots when I made my Celtic Gown costume. :-) (-Cari)
        The book is divided into five sections of different knots lanyard knots, button knots and globe knots, Turk's heads, mats and hitching, and chains and plaits. Every section contains background information on the history, lore, and accreditation of the knots featured. Color illustrations guide you step-by-step through the stages of tying each knot. The knots featured are not only attractive, but they have a wide variety of practical uses, such as for hammocks, doormats, and bellpulls. A useful glossary explains the terms and techniques used in the world of rope and knot tying. (-anon)

    Chinese Knotting
      • Lydia Chen / Hardcover / Published 1989
      • Usually ships within 2-3 days
      • Amazon Price: $18.36, Savings: $4.59 (20%)

      • Lydia covers a great amount of knots in her book, plus some of it's history in ancient China. Her diagrams and hints with each knot were very helpful, and in the back of the book is a breakdown of how to take simple knots and use them in combination to make really complex peices! I used this book and the The Complete Book of Decorative Knots book above to learn how to tie knots when I made my Celtic Gown costume. (-Cari)
      • Getting information on this very specific art form is difficult at best. Ms. Chen's book is not only easy to follow but a joy to look at. I only wish she would write a companion volumn. For those who are interested in knotting, you need this book in your library. (-anon)

    Beginner's Guide to Braiding: The Craft of Kumihimo
      • Jacqui Carey / Paperback / Published 1997
      • Usually ships within 24 hours
      • Amazon Price: $11.17, Savings: $4.78 (30%)

      • A great companion book to the others... while the other books (above) I used covered flat knotted panels, this covers complex braiding that could be used even for all sorts of things. I've even braided hammered strips of metal using these techniques! (-Cari)
      • This is a good book for beginners because it has different variationf for the 4 basic braids for 8 bobbins all spelled out. Also, there are photographs of Jacqui's hands and the movements, which is good if you are teaching yourself. She also makes some suggestions for improvised equipment, very useful until you decide you are well and truly hooked and can't live without real equipment. (-anon)

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