This is a painting for the Celtic goddess Brighid, and so has a lot of her symbolism included in it. First we have the flame in the center, done in Dutch gold, aluminum, and japanese leaf, which is one of Brighid's symbols as each of her three aspects (hearth, creativity/poetry, and metalworks) deal with fire in some respect. Also, there are four small serpents, which represent her healing aspect. Around the images in the center is a border of Trinity Knots, standing for her role as one of the Celts Triple Goddess'. While most of the color in the painting is done in watercolor, the flame is made entirely of different colors of leaf, and the snake bodies are also made of a pale blue japanese leaf. Dutch gold leaf accents are touched here and there around the rest of the painting for added color. In between all these little bits of leaf and color, there was quite a bit of detail to do in this relatively small painting, but I think the details all add nicely with each other. :-)

Bridgid - the Fiery Arrow of Inspiration

- 8" x 10"

- Japanese, Dutch and aluminum leaf, and watercolor on rag paper.


Copyright Cari Buziak, 1998