This is a custom design for a CD cover for the band Mystic Harmony. A lot of symbolism is included in this piece given the hospice work that the band does and what we wanted the painting to convey as both an emblem for the band, and as their album cover. As the band has exclusively licensed this image for their use, no posters or prints are available of it. However I hope you enjoy it! It was a great project to work on, and I'm very happy with how it turned out and what it encompasses. A glowing review (mentioning the cover artwork too!) can be read on the New Age Reporter website.

So, for the symbolism : The overall concept was of "a light in the darkness". So at it's most basic level, we have the entire emblem radiating light in a dark blue background, like a beacon or candle in the night. The design also recalls the traditional compass rose... finding your way. The four trees represent the 4 seasons, you'll notice that the trees grow from a stylized Celtic flame beneath them... the flame of creation, life, or inspiration... the flame both roots the trees as well as radiates from them. The trees are the neverending cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The knots in the border are triple heart knots... they are colored opposite to the trees to represent the balance that exists in all things... when one door closes another opens, in death there is life, and so on. The triple hearts themselves represent the Holy Trinity if you are Christian, or the Old Triple Gods and Goddesses if you are pagan, and as such are multi religious, including all people of all religions. In the corners of the border quadrants is a small arrow type design which is cupid's arrow... pain and love, Brigid's arrow of inspiration and light. The gems are as follows : amethysts - protects the wearer, peace of mind, integrates emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; emeralds - enhances love and understanding, brings harmony to all areas of ones life; topaz - stone of strength, light of the sun, allows the user to surrender to the pre-planned destiny that is set-up in the beginning; sapphires - opens the mind, alleviates depression. In the border are also 4 stylized lanterns in the 4 quadrants, to light and guide the way. The lanterns and the flames in the rings extend outwards into the darkness, giving light. In the very center we have a sun, radiating light. The sun becomes a Celtic cross (again both a pagan and Christian symbol)... the cross shape is actually the sun extending it's rays outwards as curling interwoven strands.

Kindle the Flame

- 14" x 14"

- Watercolor, acrylic and faux gold leaf on watercolor board


Copyright Cari Buziak, 2003