When I was young, we had to read a book in school called "The Water-babies", by Charles Kingsley. It was such a wonderful little book full of images of little waterbabies flitting around under the sea, that years later for some reason, at 1:00 in the morning, I was inspired to write a poem about it (the poem isn't from his book at all, it's mine, just a silly little rhyme). Well, with the poem had to come a painting, and here it wee little waterbaby playing his harp for the fishes of the sea!

I wish I was a Waterbaby...

- 9" x 14"

- Watercolor on watercolour paper


I Wish I Was a Waterbaby...

by Cari Buziak

I wish I was a waterbaby -

I'd swim all through the sea,

With fishes yellow, blue and green

Such a merry sight to see!

And if perhaps I caught a glimpse

Of a mermaid slim and fair,

I'd find her pearls and jewels bright

And seashells for her hair.

I wish I was a waterbaby -

On the seahorses would I ride,

Over the sand and coral beds

With the comings of the tide.

And if perhaps I found a friend,

What mischief we could play,

Tease the clams and race the fish

And chase our cares away.

Copyright Cari Buziak, 1997