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The Aon Celtic Apprenticeship Program exists to promote the ancient art form of Celtic design. Each program runs for a series of 6 or 8 weeks and covers advanced topics with the benefit of personalized feedback and direction in the format of apprenticeship style instruction.

An apprentice may take any of the programs any number of times, until they feel they have gained a full mastery of the concepts before moving on. There is no grading or "pass" "fail" system as the courses are presented according to the student's needs. The Knotwork Interlace and the Spirals programs are "open level" courses, and topics will be approached at the student's individual level based on previous experience and progress. The Zoomorphics A & B courses have a prerequisite of the Knotwork Interlace course, as techniques covered require an in-depth understanding of how knotting works.

For any of the apprenticeship programs you will need a reliable e-mail address and access to the internet. Each week you will be emailed a PDF package of new material for your next weeks instruction. The package will contain any feedback and critiques from the previous week, the new topic to be covered, examples for study, and your assignment for the upcoming week.

Knotwork Interlace -- 6wks -- $180.00 US

Week 1 - intro to freehand knotting and busy/open

Week 2 - freehand knotting part 2, and the tools of symmetry

Week 3 - trefoil designs

Week 4 - knotting within irregular objects, and with letters

Week 5 - knotting within a ring

Week 6 - common knots, reference sources and colors

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See some of Apprentice Tanya Yelavich's homework completed during the Knotwork Program
See some of Apprentice Karen Creftor's homework completed during the Knotwork Program

Spirals -- 6wks -- $180.00 US

Week 1 - single, double, triple and quadruple spirals, maze spiral

Week 2 - C join and S join, full panels & borders

Week 3 - round rundles

Week 4 - spirals mixed with other Celtic design, embellishments

Week 5 - spirals within unusual shapes

Week 6 - common spiral patterns and designs

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Zoomorphics A -- 6wks -- $180.00 US

Week 1 - peacocks and birds

Week 2 - dogs and wolves

Week 3 - lions and boars

Week 4 - the bull, calf and horse

Week 5 - snake and dragons

Week 6 - breaking down a non celtic and making a celtic animal

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Zoomorphics B -- 6wks -- $180.00 US

Week 1 - vine and chalice

Week 2 - tree of life

Week 3 - celtic man, monk and warrior

Week 4 - the "Beardpullers"

Week 5 - celtic women

Week 6 - celtic angels

Celtic Art as a Business -- 4wks -- $125.00 US

Week 1 - defining yourself and your work, developing your market niche, the Bio and CV

Week 2 - resources, taxes, contracts, collecting payment

Week 3 - labelling a portfolio or slide, pricing your work, scanning and archiving

Week 4 - getting out there: submissions, cover letters, websites and the internet

Throughout the 4 weeks the student will assemble a working portfolio.

Advanced Personal Study -- 8wks -- $240.00 US

Weeks 1-8 - the student's chosen topic or project will be examined, broken down, brainstormed and worked to completion. This is usually a very specific or project based study. For example, one student wanted to create her own book, start to finish, so together we worked through everything from layout, images, editing, and even self publication! This is for those personal projects that are so big you don't know where to begin, or don't know what to tackle first... maybe it's something you've wanted to do for a long time but need that "coach" to work with you to kick you in the pants and keep you working on it. We've all had that personal project that's sat there for too long... you get halfway through and you hit a roadblock and just have trouble getting back to it. Life gets in the way and it's hard to find an excuse to get back to it. This is what that's for! Just like how it's easier to lose weight if you go on a diet with a buddy, it's easier to tackle a big project when you have an "art buddy". :-)

Together we work out a gameplan for the project, set some goals, and then tackle the project and whittle it down in final completion!