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This is the simplest variation of the basic knot we have just made. Using only 3 big dots and two little dots across and down. It is the smallest knot formation you can make in a square shape. The only other shape that is smaller is the one based on a triangle and today it's usually called the 'Trinity Knot'.

In this version of the Basic Knot, I have doubled the lines interweaving through the knot. To do this, instead of just drawing an"X" over each point of intersection, you also draw an extra line down the middle of each leg of the "X". Instead of creating one fat rope crossing over/under other fat ropes, you are making two thin ropes. Finish your knot as usual, except when it comes time to erase your over/unders. Instead of erasing both lines to go over another pair of lines, make one line go over/under the other pair, and make the other line go under/over, so each line alternates whether its going over or under another pair of lines. You can also make this knot with three thin ropes, or four etc.

This Basic Knot is alot like the last one we just did, except instead of doubling the line all the way around the knot, it is just doubled where the intersections are. You can leave the split in the lines very thin, or you can make it a bigger split, as I've shown here. This almost gives it a chain link effect, and looks very nice if you are using pointy corners. As before, you can make as many splits as you want at the intersections if your lines are fat enough.

This is larger version of the Basic Knot, and to do this I simply marked off a larger area on my graph paper. This larger pattern is useful if you are creating patterns within your knots, as we will do in the Modifying a Basic Knot Tutorial. I hope you have fun making Celtic Knots, and I hope this Tutorial has given some understanding of how to make Celtic Knots, and some ideas of things you can do with them. If you stuck on an area of knot making, e-mail me!

All tutorials copyright Cari Buziak, 1995-current