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Now add a point to the end of each of the curves, joining the two loose ends as shown. These points should extend over and into the cross knotwork, and into the empty space between the cross knotwork strands. Do this for each one, on both sides of the curves.

Now you want to double up your curves and their points, so that it makes a thick band the twists upon itself. You have to make sure that the innermost line of the knot band point clears the second line of the cross knotline it goes over. It is important that the inner curve line reaches or passes the cross lines so that it properly makes the illusion of can't have two knot lines weave through eachother, they have to go around eachother, so you have to make sure there is enough room for this. You'll know if you left enough room when you go to do your overs and unders. If there isn't enough room, you have to jimmy the knot lines around a bit so it all works. In my example here, I didn't leave enough room when I added my points to allow for the doubled up line to reach all the way over the cross knotline, so I had to elongate it a bit so it would work.

Once you have all the knotlines for the curve where they should be, look at the cross knotline that it passes over to see which part of your curve knotlines to erase for your over and unders. Make sure that whether you are following the cross knotlines or the circle knotlines, that the overs and unders work properly. Making free-form knots is kind of a hassle, and a bit longer to work out than the grid formed knots, but they can come in handy when you have a really odd shape to fill, or want to go around a curve like we did here. Practice, believe me, will make it easier!

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