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If you find it a hassle to download each clip art piece then you need this bundle!

The Clip Art Bundle downloads as a ZIP collection filled with 1,550 72 dpi color and black and white GIF's and JPEG's. For your convenience there is also a PDF Viewer included that you can use to quickly navigate and reference the color images by their file names.

All clip art pieces remain copyrighted to Cari Buziak. The Clip Art Bundle is for nonprofit or personal use only. For business use (this includes uses on business cards, as logos etc) please e-mail me for a licensing quote.

Clip Art Bundle

Now available as an instant download! No more waiting!

- 72 dpi, color and black and white, GIF and JPEG format

- Includes a PDF Viewer of the color files

- Clip art provided by download only

- For personal use only

- Not for use on products for sale; not for resale as a collection

- NEW PRICE!! -> $5.00 US

Copyright Cari Buziak, 1995-current