In a world where Dragons can take human form, mixing bloodlines can have disastrous consequences.

Escaping the tomb her parents left her in, Wren must now live in hiding, fearing her predicted powers will one day emerge and wreak the evil her parents foresaw. When a storm brings a wounded warrior to her door, she is forced to leave her haven to aid him in his mission.

Keeran, wielder of Blood Sense magic. As the kingdom's spymaster, he will stop at nothing to complete his mission and unearth the truth. Who is behind the attacks on the Temples? Why are the kingdom's children disappearing, and why are the few found nothing more than mindless, drooling shells?

When a devastating event reveals that Wren's powers are finally emerging, she must fight her destiny to retain her sanity and her soul.

Only together will they save the children and the kingdom. If they don't kill each other first.

Dragon's Riddle introduces fantasy fans to a world filled with peril, magic, and intrigue in this first installment of the Eldrake Chronicles.

Adult fantasy with a light amount of enemies-to-lovers romance. No graphic sex or violence, suitable for older YA and NA audiences as well.

Available in eBook & Paperback formats!

Dragon's Riddle

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- Published by Lil' Llama Press

- 350 pages

- $3.99 USD (eBook) & $11.99 USD (paperback)

Cari Buziak / Paperback / Published 2021