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"Medieval Heraldry" set, Cranberry and Silver, 150dpi


"Medieval Heraldry" set, Cranberry and Silver, 300dpi


"Medieval Heraldry" set, Black and White, 150dpi


"Medieval Heraldry" set, Black and White, 300dpi

Now available as an instant download! I would have loved to have had a medieval wedding! I adore costumes and romance and dress-up. This stationary set is for all those out there having a medieval wedding of their own! Included in this set are lots of scroll variations, shield shapes that would work great for writing out your RSVP information on your invitations. Also included are some fun decorative mantling designs to add that detailed authentic touch, and a large centerpiece of a mantled helm and shield. Perfect for your main invitation... or maybe using to print out place-cards for the seating arrangements. Add a decorative font, maybe some metallic gold pen lettering, and you're set! See if you can find a wax seal to melt some gold or cranberry wax on the bottom of each invite for a special touch.

You can choose between the cranberry and silver with gold color set, or a plain black and white color set that you can use as-is or recolor yourself. This set also makes a nice match with the rose and gold Knotted Hearts set.

Artwork is suitable for use as wedding stationery, personal stationery, and personal crafts! Each color collection set is available at either 150dpi or 300dpi, in jpeg format. While 150dpi is suitable for print, if you plan on doing a lot of manipulation of the images (scaling and rotating and collaging them), you may prefer to buy the 300dpi format because the extra resolution will allow you to do more manipulation without the image degrading. 150dpi is acceptable for minor resizing and rotating.

Images for personal use only. Not for redistribution, or use on items that will be resold. If you wish to make commercial stationery or other items that will be resold, contact me about a license.

Aon Wedding Stationery - "Medieval Heraldry" set

- Choose from: Cranberry & Silver or Black & White

- Now available as an instant download! No more waiting!

- Personal use only

- 150dpi - $30.00 US

- 300dpi - $50.00 US

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