All the images on the Aon Celtic website are copyright Cari Buziak, 1994-current. This includes all the images in the Gallery, Freeware section, Tutorial text and graphics, the website background, e-mail button and all other images posted here unless noted otherwise.

Usage without permission constitutes copyright infringement, and is punishable by law.

Many people think that because Celtic art is an old art form, that Celtic images might be copyright free. This is NOT true! Each image created by an artist is under copyright protection from the moment they create it, even if they had inspiration from a traditional source, such as the Book of Kells. New material and 'ancient inspired' material is all under copyright protection, whether it's been registered with the copyright office or not, and using it without the artists' permission is copyright infringement.

If you're not sure whether the usage you have in mind is okay or not, just ask! :-) It never hurts to just ask! We can always work something out where you could license the image or pay a royalty to use it. People who take the time to ask and work something out ensure the survival of the Aon Celtic website, so I can continue to share artwork and free clip art material with you.

Thanks everyone!! :-)