Well, I'm a complete sucker for my 3 adorable nieces and do my duty to spoil them rotten. Of course they earn it by being so cute and clever, so everybody's happy! It took almost an exact year to do all 3, mostly because I could only work on them now and then, but I had anticipated a long project so worked them in a size up from what they currently wore. And it worked! They fit great. Much excitement ensued in the parcel opening when they discovered each inner pocket held a toonie (a Canadian $2 coin). They're a simple vest pattern I drafted up from scratch and made from patching together old bluejeans, with an added lining in dark blue fabric to hide all the knots and embroidery threads on the inside. I used machine sewn applique, hand silk ribbon embroidery, sequins, beads, and various embroidery stitches. Each vests has an inner pocket with the girl's initial stitched on it. The vests are Magic Vests because Magic Vests help the wearer spot fairies and the mini dragons they ride on, so I told the girls I'd help them spot fairies when I saw them next!

My best friend makes cool comic-strip style adventures using 11" dolls for her grandkids. In the fall of 2005 there was a medieval wedding held for two of the dolls, and I had the honor of creating a little chain mail outfit for the groom, and also a reversable "barbarian mail" piece for one of the best men. The barbarian mail is not historical, I just wanted it to look cool! It's made from sheet copper, carved with my dremel, and then I use a patina to blacken it for an "authentic" look!

This is a Celtic Gown costume I created for CostumeCon 19, 2001. The dress is not a historical recreation of anything, but a combination of elements that I've always enjoyed the look of. The main fabric is a fawn brown polyester with a brush suede feel, with cream colored satin inserts in the sleeves, yoke, and skirt. The knotwork decorations and chinese button knots were woven from cording by hand. All the decorated knotwork, buttons and satin inserts are attached by snaps, so they can be removed and the dress can be machine washed. The dress design won a workmanship award for Most Practical Embellishment because of the removable panels and washability of the costume.