Book Release Countdown!!

My Celtic Mandalas colouring book published by Dover Publications is going to be out in July 2017! I’m so excited to finally have this book released. So many glorious designs to colour! Here are a few samples to whet your appetite…

The first image on the left is a mandala featuring Celtic peacocks with lovely woven tails and curling wings. Celtic birds are so much fun to colour up because really you can’t go wrong with any colour theme – traditional peacock colours, rosy golds and shades of pink and cream, fantastic shades of purple and teal… you decide!

Next we have a round  design inspired by an ancient Celtic carved stone monument. All the spirals interlock to create an engaging design for beginner or intermediate colourists. Depending on the colours you choose, you could accent the cross motif hidden within this design to add another layer of interest.

On the right we have an art nouveau styled design. I love art nouveau and it’s such a perfect match with Celtic art. Beautiful stained glass feeling lilies are nestled amongst loads of Celtic knot work and tiny tulips flowers, all surrounded by a Celtic knot work border. Want to see a coloured version of this page? Check out my painting of it on Etsy, featuring gold leaf and watercolour!


The next pages from this book that I’d like to share feature a strong amount of Celtic knot work. If you like traditional Celtic knotting then you’re going to get your fill with this book! The lefthand image shows a leafy styled design, accented with tiny knots and a dotted border. Dotted borders don’t have to be repetitive, use them to create your own pattern – alternate colours, repeat colour sets or shade each dot slightly differently to subtly blend from colour to colour.

The middle design is very stained glass feeling to me and also has a lovely cross shape that could be accentuated depending on the colours you chose. On the left is a heart knot woven with even more heart knots! I used a bit of black in this page and envision it coloured up in lots of reds or pinks for a really dramatic look. Do you like colouring pages than have black areas already coloured in or do you prefer to make that choice yourself? Let me know!

Trees of Life

These are from my Trees of Life colouring book being published by Dover Publications.

These pages feature my interpretation of an Egyptian styled tree of life, with scarabs, lotus flowers, scrolls and those awesome Egyptian wings! This would look great coloured up in carnelian or scarlet reds, turquoise and malachite shades of green with lots of gold accents.

The second image is a Celtic tree, a glorious oak with woven branches and lots of leaves and acorns to colour. The Islamic styled tree on the right is a complex design filled with vine-like twists and curls. This design would look especially nice with subtle shading I think!


New sneak previews of pages from my Trees of Life colouring book being published by Dover Publications.

Here we have a medieval tree with a sun/moon symbol and some traditionally styled medieval manuscript embellishments. Next is a Mayan Tree, featuring a Mayan styled serpent surrounding the image like an Oroborous with my stylized version of the Mayan sun calendar sitting at the base of the tree. The image on the right is what I’m calling “The Universe Tree”, featuring an apple tree above with a holly tree below to represent the Celtic solstices, separated by a cosmos spiral.