An Ocean of Dragons

A pair of serpents or Celtic dragons twist in the centre of this design, ringed with a heart knot border, Celtic maze patterns, and loads of Celtic knots. To me the dragons here remind me of old myths where the guardians of the world rest beneath the waves, ready to rise once again when the world needs them again.

Celtic Fantasy – colouring book

Coming this October! This book, titled Creative Haven – Celtic Fantasy – Inspired by traditional Celtic myths, folklore, and legends, 31 striking illustrations combine distinctive, interlaced knotwork patterns with a wondrous array of stylized fantasy creatures: sea serpent, phoenix, dragon, unicorn, mermaid, sorceress, and others. Check out some preview pages below!

Colour your own wedding stationary!

Wedding stationary that you can print and colour! All available from my Etsy shop. Download instantly – $.99 cents buys you all 3 cards!

Each card designed in a matching style, featuring weaving knotwork, flowers, leaves, and a knotted heart. Hand color each card for a unique personal touch, or print them on beautiful specialty papers and save yourself the expensive cost of a printer.

Celtic Animal Designs – new colouring book!

Preview pages from my Celtic Animal Designs colouring book published by Dover Publications.

This new book features 31 pages of intricate Celtic animal designs. Hounds, cranes, peacocks, lions, hares, serpents, and other creatures are featured. The stunning images are accented with knotwork, spirals, and maze patterns inspired by ancient manuscripts – but with exciting modern touches than lend a fresh new look to the traditional art form!