This is a new style of painting for me, based on my experience with various gilding leafs and their properties. I titled the series "Sliabh Órnite", which is Irish for Gilt Mountain. This is a view of Lake Louise at sunset, in Banff, using various japanese leafs imported from Japan, aluminum leaf, and 23kt gold leaf. Metal leaf is a very very thin square of real metal, so thin that it's like cobwebs, thinner even than tissue paper. You apply it to your sirface using a special glue that dries very tacky, and everywhere glue has been painted, the leaf sticks.

To leaf in different colors, you have to approach it like Ukranian egg painting or batik... apply the glue for a particular color, lay that color of leaf, then apply the glue for the next color, and so on. Some leaf types react to varnishes, changing their color and tones, which can be used to create a special effect when used with non varnishes areas of the same leaf. See the step-by-step process at the Sliabh Ornite mini-site!

This painting is now back in my studio from the gallery who had in on display.

Lake Louise at Sunset

- 30" x 60"

- 23kt gold leaf, aluminum and japanese leaf on stretched canvas

- For pick-up from Calgary only

- $800.00 U.S

Copyright Cari Buziak, 2004