This painting features the Donohue Irish crest nestled in a matching mantle and helm. Knotwork borders frame the design, with a huge fully decorated capital letter D, in the style of the Book of Kells and other old Celtic manuscripts! The motto is Latin and loosely translates as "Never Not Prepared". My feeling with the coat of arms series is to bring back a bit of the traditional Irish to the designs, in the surrounding designs and the shield itself where I can. For example in the Donohue coat of arms there is a black eagle spreading his wings in the shield. In my version, the eagle is now a Celtic eagle, drawn as he would have been in the Irish manuscripts. While the traditional English arms awarded to many of the old Irish familes are really nice, I think bringing back the Irish heritage into the arms is a fresh reflection on these designs. For those who want the purely English traditional they have a million options to choose from out there, but for those who want something unique and very Irish feeling, now they have the option. :-)

Donohue Coat of Arms

- 10" x 15"

- Ink, gouache and acrylic on watercolor paper

- $250.00 US

Copyright Cari Buziak, 2006