One of my most popular pieces, published in books and used on a variety of licensed merchandise from jewelry to stencils! This original dragon design is leafed onto a cross section of dinosaur bone. Although my lapidary shop had no papers to confirm who's bone this was (they had acquired it from a private collection of someones), you can tell it is some kind of bone when you hold it up to the light, as the light shines through the cells. Whosever bone it was, they certainly died long enough ago that the bone has petrified! :-) It was really strange to work on this piece...the fact that you could see the cells in the marrow was just so neat! Of course, the only right thing to do was to paint a *Dragon* onto the *dinosaur* bone...! ;-)

Many people have written in to comment how ancient and historical my dragon looks, which is so flattering! I love the ancient works and I really try to give homage to the feel of them in my own works. However do note that my dragon in a new and original work, not from anything historical. He is well travelled, but is a new work and as such protected by international copyright laws.

Dragon on Dinosaur Bone

- 3.25" x 7"

- Copper leaf on petrified dinosaur bone


Copyright Cari Buziak, 1998