I've been thinking for a while on creating some sort of mother goddess figure. I knew I wanted something to do with a spiral on her belly, but couldn't quite picture the rest of her...until I saw an old stone carved cross of a person with a fish tail (maybe a mer-man/mer-maid?). The image showed the figure with two spirals making up the chest...and I knew what I'd been waiting for for my mother goddess! Now she has two spiral breasts, with a spiral on her belly inside of a oval shaped outline. The outline also makes her legs and the rest of hew body quite nicely. To me she makes a very earthy and tribal looking icon, like something the early Bronze Age Celts would have worshiped. She is gilded onto petrified wood, which I thought was a very fitting surface for her, as the colors and woody feel really accented the earthy nature of her.

Mother Goddess

- 4" x 7"

- 22k gold leaf on petrified wood


Copyright Cari Buziak, 2000