Usually I use graph paper for making my knots, but for spirals all you need is plain paper with no lines or markings. If you like, you can freehand the main starting circle, or you can use a compas or circle template to draw it. It's just an outline guide for your spiral shape, so you can be as precice as you want... for fun, once you master the circle, try an oval!

In each panel I will show you step by step how to create a Celtic Spiral. Each new step will be in red. As you go through the panels, old steps will turn gold, and there will be a new step highlighted, again in red.

There are alot of different ways to make the Spiral, using a compass for the entire process, but I can't figure that way out well enough to actually show someone else how to use it! So I'll show you here how I draw my spirals, and while it takes a bit of practice to get the spiral nice and even, I think it works out to be a faster way of drawing them in the end. To make my version of a Celtic Spiral, first mark off a circle on your graph paper. I like to use a compass or a circle template for this part, so the initial circle is nice and even. Make sure that whatever you use, you make a mark where the middle of your circle is.

Begin your Spiral by making an "S" shape inside the circle. Make sure that the center of the "S" passes through the center mark of your circle. Both the upper half and the bottom half of the "S" should be even curves, and the same size top and bottom.

The Spiral is made up of two parts, the head and the tail. The head is the large round object in the center, and the tail is the long tapered part that winds its way around the head. On our spiral here, we have started the heads, and are now starting to taper the tails around the two heads. Continue drawing each tail, a little further each time around the circle.

Continue to curl each tail around, trying to keep the space between the tail and the outer wall of you circle nearly equal. To make it continue to taper, you must make the outside distance between the tail and the outer circle and bit smaller than the inside distance between the tail and the heads. You want to draw each tail the same distance each time, and alternate between them so they grow at the same rate.

Continue to follow the tails around, closer and closer the the outer circle. Notice how the tails are beginning to show a taper now.

Your tails will naturally meet up with the outer circle on their own, and complete the spirals.

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