Usually I use graph paper for making my knots, but for spirals all you need is plain paper with no lines or markings. If you like, you can freehand the main starting circle, or you can use a compas or circle template to draw it. It's just an outline guide for your spiral shape, so you can be as precice as you want... for fun, once you master the circle, try an oval!

In each panel I will show you step by step how to join two Celtic Spirals to eachother. Each new step will be in red. As you go through the panels, old steps will turn gold, and there will be a new step highlighted, again in red.

Joining two Spirals is much like joining a spiral to an object. First start with your two spirals a short distance apart from each other. Position them so that their tails taper off at the top or bottom.

In this example, I'm going to place the leaf shape first, and then join the trumpets to it. It is easier this way to make sure that the leaf ends up exactly in the center between the spirals, and in the middle top to bottom as well. Make sure the leaf is angled so that if you drew an imaginary line from where one tail tapers off on one spiral to where it tapers off on the other spiral (remembering that if it leaves one spiral from the top, it must join the other on the bottom. It must always alternate), that the line would go through the middle of the leaf, rather than from point to point of the leaf.

Now I make my trumpets, bringing one up from the first spiral tail to attach to the points of the leaf shape, and then down from the next spiral to the leaf points again. Remember again that it should be leaving from the opposite side of each spiral tail. Here again I have dressed up the design a bit with a pair of simple circles, which are optional.

If you're enjoying these tutorials, you need to get a copy of my book Creating Celtic Knotwork: A Fresh Approach to Traditional Design, Published by Dover Publications, the book has much more information than these online tutorials have, more explanations, examples, exercises to work through... become a Celtic art master!

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