Usually I use graph paper for making my knots, but for spirals all you need is plain paper with no lines or markings. If you like, you can freehand the main starting circle, or you can use a compas or circle template to draw it. It's just an outline guide for your spiral shape, so you can be as precice as you want... for fun, once you master the circle, try an oval!

In each panel I will show you step by step how to create a Triple Celtic Spiral. Each new step will be in red. As you go through the panels, old steps will turn gold, and there will be a new step highlighted, again in red.

To make a triple Celtic Spiral, we begin with a circle again. In the center of the circle, make a small "Y" shape. It doesn't have to extend very far, but make sure that each quadrant made by an arm of the "Y" is equal to the others.

Make a scoop shape start to come out from your "Y" shapes. Make sure that your scoops all face the same way around the circle.

Begin to draw your tails now. Each tail should be drawn a piece at a time, making sure to draw the same amount on each tail as you continue. They should begin to curl around your "scoops" (the heads of the spirals).

Continue to taper the tails around the heads, making sure to keep the tail at an almost even distance from the inside line and the outer circle. It should be a bit closer to the outer circle in order to taper properly as it goes around.

Keep drawing the three tails a little at a time. You should begin to see a distinct taper now as it approaches the outer circle.

Continue drawing the tails until they meet up naturally with the outer circle on their own. Your triple spiral is complete!

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