(photos of AON3, sewn in an alternate colorway)

Included: Dress front and back, cape/shawl, sleeve and crown designs provided as black and white linework. An optional color sample is also included, although you're welcome to change the colors to whatever you want, of course! Some dresses also include suggestions such as a particular finish or fabric suggestion that may enhance the design.

Provided as : The black and white line drawings are provided in jpeg format by email or download. The color sample/suggestions are sent by PDF.

Stock (design may be sold to multiple customers) : $50 US

Exclusive (I only sell the design once - to you!) : $100 US

Dressmakers and Schools ('DM&S' - customer may make multiple dresses using the design) : $150 US

Digital Recolor Service (if you would like the sample colors changed to your own colors) : $30 US

Dress Option?

Dress Design Name?

Digital Recolor Service: ($30)

The Exclusive and Stock designs may be used on 1 dress by the customer (if you wish to use it more than once please see the Dressmakers and Schools option). Once a design has been sold as a Stock design, it obviously can't be sold as an Exclusive design (because someone already has a copy of it), sorry! But it can be purchased again as a Stock or DM&S design... keep in mind that changing the colors and fabrics can really alter the look of a finished dress, so if the design you really love is only available as Stock, don't let that deter you! The options still available for each dress are listed in orange on the dress images above, and are dimmed when no longer available for that dress.

If you have any questions please feel free to just email me.