The Canadian maple leaf tattoo is the latest in tattoos for these repeat clients of mine. As always, she came to me with a lot of great ideas of what she liked and wanted... we talked a bit about the feel she wanted it to have and what it would represent, and this is what I came up with! I like how clean it looks, it's a really simple design in a way and yet still really Canadian and Celtic at the same time.

These were a pair of custom tattoos for some clients I've worked with before. She wanted a happy Celtic sea otter for her foot, and he wanted a La Tene inspired spiral design that could wrap around his calf, with the bulk of the design sitting on the calf. This was challenging to do remotely, because I couldn't physically see his leg or take measurements, so we went back and forth a few times to make sure it'd be just right, and that the tattoo artist would be able to make the "join" of the wrapping design seamlessly.

The sea otter was a lot of fun to do... of course in traditional Celtic art they didn't draw sea otters, so I was able to get creative and play around with his look and feel, to make sure he had that playful aspect that sea otters have. Again there was a bit of a challenge to create a design that woul curve around her ankle and foot in just the right position without being able to see the foot in question, but I think it turned out really nice. I really enjoyed working on these designs and with the Denz's. :-)

Denz Tattoos

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