The Aon web tutorials have long been considered the best, most in-depth instruction of Celtic art. My tutorials have taught thousands of people how to create Celtic art... many of my students have gone on to teach workshops themselves even. If you've worked through any of my web tutorials, you'll enjoy this further in-depth study of how to create your own Celtic animal designs. What I could only cover briefly on my website has been expanded and fleshed out into a detailed method that can be used to take any animal and create a Celtic version of it!

Work through the chapters at your own pace, covering such topics as freehand knotting, birds, hounds, lions, hares, horses, foxes, boars... and more!

I hope you find inspiration within my book to create your own works in this beautiful art form that I have long loved. Be prepared - it's addictive! Creating Celtic Animal Designs is the sequel of my popular book on Celtic design Creating Celtic Knotwork. Both of these make a wonderful companion book to my other book, Calligraphy Magic, which teaches the basics of calligraphy and Celtic lettering and is available from

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Creating Celtic Animal Designs: A Fresh Approach to Traditional Design

Published by Dover Publications

- 128 pages

Copyright 2020, Cari Buziak