This is a joint project between myself and Brian Frank, with Brian designing and creating the sword and scabbard, and me adding details and knotwork to the finished scabbard afterwards.

The sword is a typical crusader's broadsword, and would have appeared anywhere from the 11th C to the 13th C. It is modeled after an average sized sword, weighing approximately 3 lbs with a 30" blade. The central grove, or fuller is a common feature on swords of this era. The inscription has been taken from a medieval italian sword and reads "Here also are the Laurels of his Honour". The straight guard (derived from the cross guard of ancient swords, whose cruciform shape was used by knights during the Crusades) and round pommel are very traditional for swords of this era. Although a leather or heavy braided twine would be more common for this era, the grip has a wire wrap, something a lord or knight of greater wealth would have inherited or had commissioned.

Illuminated Sword Scabbard

8" x 38" sword size

440C stainless steel with bronze emblems

2" x 21" design size on scabbard

23K gold leaf and oil paint on leather

Commissioned work, NFS

Copyright Cari Buziak, 1997