One of the most important things we tried to do with the stamps in this kit was make sure they'd print nice and cleanly, so they wouldn't close up when stamped. I use rubber stamps myself, and it drives me nuts when you stamp a design and it becomes a big smear! So most importantly I think I can say we did a great job on the stamps themselves. In the kit you get the 18 rubber stamps, an ink pad, a booklet, and it all comes packaged in a decorated wooden box.

When my product samples arrived, I was really eager to see how the booklet turned out, as that was one part that I never got to see the progress of. The book is GORGEOUS! They used metallic gold ink not only on the book cover, but also throughout every page, and it's just lovely with the rich purple they use in partner with it. The book gives a nice introduction to the Book of Kells and it's history, and as well goes over the history behind the different types of designs and imagery you see in Celtic art. I think with the kit you'll be able to have not only a bit of info on this ever-so-cool manuscript, but also be able to do some nifty things with the stamps in your projects. One thing I get great feedback on are gift tags I make from my stamps... I use decorative paper or handmade paper, stamp the Celtic designs down in black or gold stamp ink, and then flick some more gold ink across the whole page for a sparkle effect. Usually use Winsor and Newtons gold ink and a toothbrush for the flicking. Then I cut out my gift tags using decal scissors, and punch holes in the top.. .they're so beautiful! I've sold hundreds in sets of 5 at crafts shows... they're gorgeous! I hope you enjoy our kit too!

Book of Kells Rubber Stamp Kit

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