Interior illustrations for the book Celtic Christian Spirituality : Holy Ground, published by Upper Room Books. The book I think can best be described as a good look at both sides of the fence - old Celtic ways, and the new Christian ways, and how they compare. It looks at todays Christianity through eyes colored by more of a druidic view, with a great emphasis on an appreciation of all things created, rather than just mankind. I think people from either 'side of the fence', either Pagan or Christian, would enjoy the read as the book talks more about the joy of creation in everything, rather than the merits or failings of a particular religion over another or something of that sort. I found it a very open minded and enlightening read. :-) Of course, there are over a dozen black and white Celtic designs within the book done by me, so maybe I'm biased about the book in general... ;-) This title is currently out of print.

Celtic Christian Spirituality : Holy Ground

Upper Room Books

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