The Bishop: Modeled from the mud and papyrus temples Egyptians used in the early days. These were later raised on sleds, or rails, and often smaller versions were worn as pendants.

The King: Modeled from the god Osiris, god of the dead.

The Queen: Modeled from the goddess Isis, mother of all, goddess of rebirth.

The Knight: Modeled from the Sphinx.

The Rook: Modeled from the pyramids.

The Pawn: blue/gold and green/copper scarabs. Modeled from the scarab beetle, also worshiped by the Egyptians.

The chess board consists of 64 tiles, 32 of which have handpainted designs. Mounted on a piece of solid oak plywood for maximum rigidity, the board was then framed with wood molding. Each player's side was then handpainted with a winged sun along the border. All the tiles are hand painted individually, not stamped or printed.

To make the chess pieces, first I carved a master piece out of modelling compound. Once dry I sanded it and carved any fine details as needed, such as facial features or legs in the scarabs etc. Each piece was then cast in a short term mold, and cast in a hard extra durable plaster. Once dry, each figure was again sanded, and then painted with acrylics to finish. The colour theme of the set is gold and copper, so with the scarab pieces I used gold with blue, and green with copper to set the two sides apart. Everything was varnished as a last stage, and the piece were also given a base of deer skin vellum that I dyed to match the terra cotta tiles so they wouldn't scuff the tiles during play.

The entire set is magnificent when all the pieces are laid out and in play!! The chessboard was displayed at a local Calgary art show in 1996 where it won Best 3D Work. Shipping costs will be calculated depending on where you live and how you would like it shipped, please contact me for an estimate.

Handmade Egyptian Chessboard

18.5" x 18.5" total board size.

Frame borders and tiles individually hand painted.

Each figure was hand cast and antiqued, and has hand stained deerskin underneath.

"Black" pieces are painted copper, "white" pieces are painted gold.

$400.00 U.S.

Copyright Cari Buziak, 1996