A complete Celtic decorated alphabet. Includes alternate and/or extended letters for K, R, T, N and Z, as well as the "ae" ligature and the ampersand sign.

Each letter decorated with knotwork, spirals, maze and step patterns in a matching Celtic styled collection. Just like the letters seen in Irish manuscripts like the Book of Kells and Lindisfarne Gospels, this collection can be used alone or as decorated capital letters with normal uncial calligraphy or fonts. If you're looking for a matching font, try my AON Celtic font. If you're looking for a typable version of this decorative letters font, you can get it from my Etsy store: AON Celtic font.

Perfect for creating personal stationary, monograms, invitations and using in craft projects!

Looking for an alternate style? Check out my Aon Durrow Decorated Letters set!

Aon Decorated Letters Set

Available as an instant download! No waiting!

- High quality JPG and PSD (with transparent background) images

- 300 dpi, - red and green, antique, or black and white color sets

- $2.49 US per set

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