Record all your thoughts and inspirations with this Celtic themed notebook. Inside pages are blank on the top 1/3 and lined on the bottom 2/3. Do you find your pen doodling as you think and plan your day? Then this journal is perfect! Small Celtic designs for coloring or doodling alternate with pages of inspirational quotes to uplift and motivate your day. Each page decorated with soft Celtic themed designs and a bottom border, making this both a useful and decorative journal or notebook. Lovely as a gift! Comes in two versions, one with bright teals and purples, and the other in shades of antique gold and copper.

If you like Celtic colouring books, don't miss the other books in my series - Celtic Traditions, Celtic Trees of Life, Celtic Nature Designs, Celtic Mandalas (14,000 copies sold!), and coming out in Winter 2018... Celtic Crosses! If you're looking for downloadable pages to color, check out my Etsy store which has PDF pages you can download for only $0.99 - dragons, crosses, mandalas, animals and more!

Celtic Traditions-adult coloring book

Both Bright edition and the other in Antique edition available for purchase at

- Published by Lil' Llama Press

- 148 pages

- 8.5"x11"

- $9.99 USD

Cari Buziak / Paperback / Published 2018