Who are the Aon Celtic Art PATREON supporters??

They're the ones who know Celtic Art isn't a "dead" art form, but alive and kicking, thank-you very much!

They're the ones who want more quality Celtic art, not the same poorly drawn knots that have been circulating the internet for the last 20years. They want fresh! They want interesting! They want unique!

They're also known to be good looking and very smart. It's a fact. I can't just make this stuff up you know, it's all rooted in very complicated scientifically proven tests and data. And now you know.

A very big shout out to these three amazing folks who were the VERY FIRST supporters to take the leap. You have no idea how much it means when people show you they believe in what you're doing. I hope you enjoy the perks as we go along, and I look forward to being in touch with you as more new work is added to the PATREON page.

Adrienne W.

Ariana D.

Rhonda D.

To all my supporters, thanks so much for your help in keeping Celtic art alive as a modern day art form. A big round of applause for:

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More amazing supporters coming soon!

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