I've joined PATREON! I've included a few info links below if you want to read more about PATREON in general, or about setting up your Discord account if you're in that tier. Currently I'm setting up some of the launch special content for those who join me for this ride down the Celtic rabbit-hole!

I began creating Celtic art back in 1995. Holy cow, that's 25 years! Can it really be that long ago?! lol

This Patreon connection allows me to include YOU in my creative process. You have no idea how exciting that is to me! When you're a creative, sometimes you get lost in a vacuum of isolation while you work. Patreon allows me to interact with you and finely tune these special treats and perks to those who want it - those who are truly my fans and friends, in every sense of those words.

I'm excited to have your support as a patron, and to be able to share my works and process with you on an exclusive basis. What does all this mean for you as a patron? More clip art. More tutorials. Piles of glorious Celtic eye candy. More paintings in the gallery. And maybe some Celtic novels along the way. (sample chapters anyone?) Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Become a Patron!

With Patreon, I can finally offer things that I never would have been able to offer 'en masse' to the world at large. Some of the special perks are:

Signed copies of books and posters

Being named on the "dedication" page of upcoming book releases

High resolution copies of Celtic clipart on transparent background (300dpi PNG)

Annual commemorative collector's coins

Special mention as a patron to the Celtic art field

Have your name made into your own personal piece of original Celtic art!

Awesome Celtic desktop art and holiday clip art sets

Live Q&A chats with you!

Access to exclusive patron only posts

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- General info about PATREON.

All supporter tiers:

- A link to the private all access Aon Tutorials page, your password was sent by email when you enrolled

"Super AWESOME Celtic Supporters":

- Looking for your Celtic desktop wallpaper? Check your exclusive Patron posts on my PATREON page.

"GLORIOUSLY Amazing Celtic Supporters", and higher tiers:

- How to install Discord

- Your Etsy coupon will be emailed to you! If you're having problems with anything please e-mail me!

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