43 Celtic tattoo designs! For all those folks who've written asking for high resolution artwork for crafts and tattoos, here is a PDF collections of clip art pieces suitable for tattoo and crafting projects! Loads of Celtic Tree of Life designs, spirals and triskels, greenman images, Hammer of Thor, Celtic stars and suns, flame of inspiration (Brigid), druid oak leaves, Danu or mother goddess designs, and more. You can also mix and match them for personal projects such as wedding invitations or crafts.

Grab your copy now by instant download and start creating your own unique projects. Great for coloring, crafting, decorating, and using for inspiration in any personal project. All clip art pieces remain copyrighted to Cari Buziak. For nonprofit or personal use only. For business use (this includes uses on business cards, as logos etc) please e-mail me for a licensing quote.

Aon Tattoo Flash Collection - 43 Designs, Spirals, Pagan and Tree of Life

- PDF format - instant download

- 300dpi, black and white

- Personal use only

- $1.99 U.S.

Copyright Cari Buziak, 1995-current