Now available as an instant download! A collection of romantic roses, surrounded by knotwork and vines. I have also included some decorative "boxes" with this set, which have different backgrounds in them. These are great for dropping large decorative initals on top of for a very medieval or victorian flavor! You could make your wedding invitations look like fairy scrolls of vines with little stylized flower decals, add a decorative font, maybe some metallic gold pen lettering, and you're set! This set also makes a nice match with the rose and gold Knotted Hearts set.

Artwork is suitable for use as wedding stationery, personal stationery, and personal crafts! For personal use only. Not for redistribution, or use on items that will be resold. If you wish to make commercial stationery or other items that will be resold, contact me about a license.

Aon Wedding Stationery - "Vines and Roses" set

- Rose & Gold and Black & White

- Now available as an instant download! No more waiting!

- Personal use only

- 300dpi - $2.49 US

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