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The blog is taking longer than I expected due to the number of great photos needed with each recipe, so please "bear" with me! The good news is that I've added an additional section of instructional content, where you can learn how to make some techniques like making your own homemade soup stock, sabayon, how to tell when dough is ready etc. I hope you'll enjoy everything once it's done!

As a classically trained chef, I was awarded my Diploma with Honours in Professional Cooking from SAIT Polytechnic and I have also had the pleasure of managing a bakery and am now the pastry chef for a couple 4 star restaurants. I have always loved cooking and baking at home, so it was fascinating to learn what was going on from a technical standpoint in school from what I had been taught at home. My style of cooking is still very "homey" in a way... I'm very concerned with frugality (wasting food... oh the horror!! I can't stand to throw things out), I like things to be healthy, food should taste like what it is, it doesn't have to be froo-froo fancy but it should be appealing and of course... delicious!

With all the recipes that I've used and passed on to others over the years, and the tips and tricks I learned during school and at the fancy restaurants I held internships at, I have always wanted to start a little food blog to share these things with others. I've had friends over to my kitchen to have little teaching days on how to make easy pizza doughs, or bake a pie, so this will be an extension of that! For those of you who are interested... please come by for a visit when the blog is ready (it'll be it's own separate blog site from my Aon website), and for those who aren't... no biggie! The Aon Celtic Art website will continue as normal.